According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 9.3 hours per week searching and gathering information. That's more than one day each week! But with a TruEdit workflow system, your team will spend less time scrambling, and more time producing.

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The demands of content creation are on the rise. This means more files to manage, more content to produce, and less time to get it done. Time is precious, and you can't afford to spend it searching through emails, file sharing systems and servers. Does this sound familiar: Do I have the latest version of this file? Who's got it? What's the status? Where do you begin? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, TruEdit can help.

TruEdit keeps all your answers in one place and takes away the burden of managing the workflow process of your files.

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Sharing lists and files is nothing new, and that's just a start to organizing a more efficient production process. With TruEdit, files are actually managed in the system right along with the assignment. All notes and communication are in context with the file. So no one has to go searching through file shares or digging through emails, Dropboxes, etc. – just log in, and get to work.

Work from anywhere

A Nexsan survey found that most workers needed remote access to do their jobs, and 98% of workers could benefit from working remotely. This reflects a workforce who needs to collaborate remotely and across devices. A TruEdit system allows your team to log in remotely and get right to work.

Publish everywhere

TruEdit’s digital content production tool allows you to create responsive HTML content that can be published once to all screen sizes. Or, use this content as the single source of truth that can be output to multiple channels, keeping your message consistent across different channels, projects and platforms.

Rest Assured

TruEdit is hosted on AWS, designed with intense security best practices. Equipment is monitored and access to the premises of datacenters is heavily secured. The Cloud is no less secure than servers managed internally by your company. Actually, these cloud infrastructures are probably more secure. Disaster recovery covered.

Integrate and automate

The scalability and flexibility of a TruEdit system allows for easy integrations with other systems, without the hassle of on-site installations. TruEdit Toolbox provides time-saving automations that best support your production goals, such as auto-output, hyperlinking and tagging solutions.

Work Intelligently

Pulling from data centralized in TruEdit, Dashboard & Reporting is a data visualization feature that provides managers with the production intelligence they need. Dashboard allows users to visualize real-time productivity and team accountability. Reporting provides a broader view of jobs managed in TruEdit, across projects and disciplines.

  • Finding one lost file will cost an average of $122. And that’s just if it’s found.

  • Employees email two or more documents a day to an average of five people for review, which creates 10 new documents per day that are often stored in multiple locations.

  • 60% of average employee’s day is spent working on an organization’s records and documents.

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